September 2021

Pilar Shaker


Forest Park

Public Library

D&T provided outstanding support at a price point that is accessible to everyone. Alex’s passion for financial management is obvious and his delivery is approachable and engaging. Jim was patient and supportive, his feedback was as thoughtful as it was helpful. Both Alex and Jim bring valuable and varied experience to the process and I would recommend their services to anyone.

June 2021

Sarah Cottonaro



If you are looking for affordable, charismatic, and knowledgeable library professionals for a staff training, professional development day, or other such event, I highly recommend Jim and Alex. Their collective experiences in public libraries land them comfortably in the category of "experts," and I would add that the humor and personality they bring to their presentations keep even the driest of topics (ahem, Robert's Rules) from being boring and stale. Come for the Foghorn Leghorn accent that Alex does, stay for the approachable, Midwestern candor of Jim, and make sure to take notes because you will learn so much and leave their company smarter than when you first arrived.

May 2021

Kim Shine

Board President

Evergreen Park  Public Library

There are many steps in the search for a library director, and Jim Deiters and Alex Todd guided our Board through each phase with friendly professionalism. They coordinated every detail, through developing a timeline, consulting with Board and staff, recruiting candidates, managing preliminary interviews, advising the Board on proper conducting of interviews, and hiring a candidate.  At the end of the process the Board was confident that their responsibility to the community for selecting a qualified director was met with appropriate due diligence and accountability. The Evergreen Park Public Library Board of Trustees is grateful to have partnered with Deiters & Todd Consulting in fulfilling this most important obligation.

December 2020

Jamie Paicely

Board President

Chicago Heights Public Library

We knew hiring a library director during a pandemic would be a large undertaking, however, Jim and Alex made the process smoother than I thought it would be.  With their knowledge of how a library operates, this hiring process was quick and painless.  They were able to bring forward excellent candidates who could really help grow and advance our library.  If something went awry, they had a back-up plan ready.  Overall, I would recommend Jim and Alex for a director search.  They handled the  behind-the-scenes tasks which left the trustees able to focus on the interviews and selecting the best director for our location. 

December 2020

Emily Faulkner


DeKalb Public Library

As a fairly new director faced with creating a long-term capital expense plan for the first time, I was feeling a little lost.  Jim and Alex took the time to carefully review my library’s situation with me, and to help get me on the right path to creating a solid plan.  Having their perspective as seasoned directors with a broad set of experiences in different libraries saved me a lot of time and worry.   I would highly recommend using them as mentors for sticky situations, especially if you can’t see the forest for the trees!   

November 2020

Sue H.

Board President

Ida Public Library

Lou C.

Library Director

Ida Public Library

I wasn't looking forward to an hour and half on Robert's Rules, but they made it interesting.

Jim and Alex took the time to research our organization to help create a presentation that was customized to the needs of our library.