The  Trustees  of  the  Lansing  Public  Library  are  looking for  a  creative  and compassionate  new  Director.  The  ideal  candidate  will possess business acumen,  advocate  for  the  Library,  connect  with  local stakeholders,  and  build  on the  strengths  of  an  excellent  staff.  Key  to  this  role is commitment  to  being  the face  of  the  Library  in  the  community.


The  Village  of  Lansing  is  a  south  suburb  of  Chicago on  the  Indiana  border.  The Library  serves  an  increasingly  diverse  population of  28,000;  candidates reflecting  this  diversity  are  encouraged  to  apply. The  light-filled,  30,000  square foot  building  has  been  recently  renovated  and  the annual  operating  budget  is $2.6  million.  The  Library  employs  15  full-time  and 23  part-time  staff  members.


The  Director  reports  to  a  7-member,  elected  Board of  Trustees.  Requirements for  the  position  include  a  Master’s  Degree  in  Library Science  from  an ALA-accredited  program,  5-years  of  related  work,  and 3-years  of  supervisory experience.  The  candidate  must  have  highly  developed interpersonal  skills, awareness  of  municipal  budgeting  and  fiscal  matters, and  strong  leadership capabilities.  They  will  provide  the  proper  setting for  the  recruitment, development,  and  evaluation  of  patron-centered  employees and  maintain  a healthy  work  environment  where  staff  are  valued  for their  contributions  and encouraged  to  produce  their  best  work.  They  must  also have  top-notch communication  and  listening  skills  and  set  a  good example  for  professional development  through  attendance  at  workshops,  conferences, and  continuing education  opportunities.


As  liaison  to  the  Friends  of  the  Library  and  the  Lansing Historical  Society,  they will  participate  in  events  outside  the  building  and beyond  the  regular  work  week The  Director  will  build  on  developed  partnerships and  serve  as  a  member  of  civic organizations.  The  incoming  Director  will  also  be responsible  for  coordinating  the development  of  the  next  strategic  plan.


This  is  a  full-time,  exempt  position  with  a  minimum annual  salary  of $80,000.00,  based  on  experience  and  accomplishments. The  Library  also offers  a  generous  benefits  package  including  participation in  the  Illinois Municipal  Retirement  Fund.  Final  candidates  will  be given  a  thorough background  check.


The deadline for applications has passed.