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Board & Staff Training

Board Training

Over 25 years of library administration experience means Jim Deiters and Alex Todd have seen things work well, and not so well.  They have developed a series of solid practices on a range of topics that can help library boards and directors establish consistent routines so they can concentrate on the important decisions before them.   We don't claim to have the only way forward on these topics.  But our methods have evolved through many years of trial, error, and adjustment.  They do work. 

DTLC workshops can be designed to fit into a monthly board meeting's agenda or as part of a board 'retreat.'  We are also available for staff in-service training.  

Board & Director Roles and Responsibilities

An explanation of who does what and why.  This workshop will facilitate the working relationship between the Director and the Board.

Closed/Executive Sessions

An overview of the basics of Executive Sessions - when they can happen and why; how to make them happen; what can happen during them; and how to keep everything organized.

Efficient Meetings and Robert Rules of Order

Are your meetings too long?  This workshop can help!  We will show you how to streamline  routine agenda items and help you navigate any bottlenecks your meetings may have.

Executive Director Reviews

Director evaluations are often overlooked.  Or at least forgotten until 'that time of year' comes around again. Our process takes input from all trustees and is completed over two board meetings.


Library Fiscal Year

An overview of a library's fiscal cycle, including key deadlines and best practices

New Trustee Orientation

Another overlooked topic is how to efficiently incorporate new trustees into the Board.  There's not a quick solution to this, but DTLC offers a solid process that ensures new Trustees have access to critical information without feeling overwhelmed.

New Officer Orientation

Similar to New Trustee Orientation, this workshop helps new Board Officers acclimate to their new roles.  We create monthly and annual to-do lists based on state statute, the library's by-laws and best professional practices.

Staff In-Service: Budget and Levy

"Budget" and "Levy" are intimidating words.  Everyone knows they're important but may not know why.  This workshop explains the different ways libraries receive funds and the process they use to set how those funds are spent.

Staff In-Service: Effective Job Searching

Any good employer wants their staff to succeed.  That often means helping them move on in their career somewhere else.  This workshop can also help the library refine it's hiring practices by identifying factors to consciously watch for in candidates.    We detail what employers pay the most attention to in a resume & cover letter.  We also discuss how to prepare for an interview so you stand out among the crowd. 

Staff In-Service: Working During Construction

Construction in libraries are a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, you're getting something new!  On the other hand, staff have to work in cramped quarters; with dust and noise; with contractors and change orders.  It's not easy, but the ends will justify the means.  Jim and Alex share their experiences from several construction projects they've been part of during their careers and offer tips on how make life at the library more bearable for staff and patrons alike.


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