What We Do

Deiters & Todd provides independent expert perspectives and guidance to help library boards, management teams and staff find the best leaders; understand and implement the best policies and procedures; and improve the library services they provide.  

Executive Search & Recruitment

Deiters  & Todd helps public library boards recruit and hire their next director - the person who will lead the Library into the future and be the face of the Library throughout the community and beyond.  

Personalized Library Consulting

Deiters & Todd bring have over 40 years of library experience and have developed a solid foundation of professional knowledge and resources that have proven beneficial to directors, trustees and library staff.  Alex and Jim can tailor their knowledge to fit an individual library's needs.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Budget & Levy

  • Budget & Levy overview and process

  • Library Funds

  • Financial forecasts


  • Building state representative relationships

  • Establishing relationships with area entities

  • Whole organization advocacy


  • Policy development

  • Trustee duties and responsibilities

  • Board/Director relationship